Today in this post the article we are going to explain the guidelines about how you can check the emirates id fine with different available website portals. Emirates id fine is one of the most important topics in the United Arab Emirates.

This means to say if you do not pay the emirates id fine on the time. Then you will be Deported or jailed in the United Arab Emirates. So, the most important thing is that you must pay your emirates id fine on time.

Here are the Different methods which help you to get the details about the fine on your emirates id. These Fines are implied by different official departments. For example Traffic fines or any other Government services fine. So, Do not break any rules in the United Arab Emirates otherwise you will get a fine on your emirates id.


You can check emirates id fines with two different available methods. These two methods are common and easy. So, let’s start the firstly online method where you can check your emirates id fine through the online website portal. Here are the Guidelines which you have to follow for the emirate id fine check online.

STEP 1: please visit the available website portal for the emirates id fines check. (

It’s the Dubai Police website portal where you can check different types of services. After clicking on this website address you will move to a new webpage where different types of options are available. You can read all the options related to the Emirates id fine. Here is the Snapshot of this webpage.,

How to check emirates id fine step 1
How to check emirates id fine step 1

It’s the main website portal of Dubai Police where you can check your emirates id fine. Here you can see different available options. Now you have to choose any of the options which are best for you.

STEP 2: Inquiry by

Now you have to select any option for your emirates id fine check. You can check your emirates id fine through the fine number. if you do have not the fine number then do not worry. You can also use the Vehicle plate number and your driving license also. This means to say you can check your emirates id fine through your driving license and your vehicle plate. If you do not know both then also do not worry. Here is the third option which is best for you.

You have to select inquiry by emirates id number. This means you have to write your emirates id number and then clear the available security tab. After that simply click to submit button. All the information will show up at the front of your home screen.

if you get any fine on your emirates id then the fines details will pop up at the front of your home screen.

Emirates if Fine Payment method

When you will get the details of your emirates id fine. now you have to click on the payment button. it’s also available on the current page where your fine payment details are mentioned.

Simply click on the payment button and fill in all the required information related to your banking information. After the banking information is complete then click to pay button. wait for seconds your payment will be completed within a few seconds., Make sure that your banking account is enough balance for your Emirates id fines payment.