In this article post, we are going to explain the method of emirates visa application online. This method will help you to get a United Arab Emirates visa without facing any problems. Most of us do not know how to apply visa to the United Arab Emirates. But do not worry about this article Post we will show you the whole process method for applying for a visa online.


You can apply for a visa through Different available methods. These methods are also available on the Internet. You can search through Google Search Engine. Because Google is one of the best Search engines in the world where you can search for lots of content related to any topic. Remember that online different types of local websites is available for Emirates visa application service. You do not have to choose these services because they are also charged extra fees for emirates visa applications. You have to choose the official website Emirates visa services where you can apply visa for self without any extra charges paid.

Let’s start the process to Apply for the United Arab Emirates visa Online,

Step 1: You have to visit the ICP website portal for visa services. Where you have to apply for an emirates visa. You can open this website through Google and also by this available link. ( https://beta.smartservices.icp.gov.ae/echannels/web/client/guest/index.html#/onArrivalVisaDashboard )

Step 2: After visiting the available website portal of emirates visa. You will see the different types of text boxes. All the text boxes are based on different visa services. here you have to choose the text box in which you want to apply for the visa. For Example 6 month visa or 5 years visa etc. Choose your visa option and then click on to start service button Option. Here is the snapshot of this step mentioned below here.,

emirates-visa-apply-online-step 1

Here you can easily read the different types of visa names by month wise. please choose the text box or service card to which you want to apply. For Example, if you want to apply for a 6-month emirates visa then please choose the service card box and click on to start service option.

Step 3: When you will click on the start service option a new page will open which is based on three different process action tab. which is about to,

  • Request information Tab. Here you have to write all the details related to yourself.
  • Attachment info. Into this tab, you have to upload your official documents into acceptable formats.
  • Review application. It’s the second last step of visa application for the emirates. Into it, you have to read all the information which you already provide to the current website portal.
  • Application fees. Into this tab, you have to pay the currently available fees for your visa.

Step 4: Now click on Start service and read all the required text boxes. Here you have to write the information as per requirements.

Application information:

For this tax, you have to write the information related to yourself. Please write your original name as per your passport or National Identity card. After that, the Arabic name will be auto-generated make sure your Arabic name is correct same on your passport or national identity card. If your Arabic name is shown wrong then please write it manually.

After that write your own mobile number and email address. Please do not write any wrong email or mobile number. make sure you have written the correct mobile number and email address because the confirmation mail will be received at the written email address.

Now into this selection, it’s the last step of requiring information related to the applicant information tab. here you have to choose a language which you can easily understand normally most of us select English. because it’s easy and most people understand.