Emirates id rejected is one of the common objections to emirates id applications. It comes on to arrive at different types of mistakes during the emirates id application. Today in this article post we are going to explain all the guidelines about the objection of emirates id rejected.

Emirates id rejected is a common but serious objection to emirates id. if you do not remove this objection you will not receive the emirates id. So, Please remove this objection on your emirates id then you will receive your emirates id.

So, Let’s start the process of removing the objection to emirates id rejection. You have to follow all the available guidelines,


Emirates id Rejection objections depend on different types of mirror mistakes at the time emirates id submits applications. You have to remove these available mistakes at the time emirates id applying online.

  • First of all, you have to Note down that your auto-generated Arabic name is as correct as your passport name. This means to say auto-generated Arabic names are sometimes changed with a different name. So, make sure that your name is correct like your national id card name and passport name. Below down here a snapshot also shows the same mistake in the emirates id application.
Emirates id rejected to receive objection step 1
Emirates id rejected to receive objection step 1
  • Make sure that at the time of resubmitting the application you’re using a new Gmail address. This means to say if you receive this objection on your current Gmail address. Now this time please use the new Gmail address for resubmitting the application. Because the ICP and ICA application systems are based on Systematic Functions. So, use the new Gmail. if you apply with the same email address again and again. maybe the system add your email to the spam list.
  • Please write all the information as per your passport and your identity card details. Do not use any fake details in the emirates id application. For Example times we used our nicknames in the application for emirates id. It’s wrong. So, Do not use your nickname in the application. Write your name as per your passport and National identity card name.
  • Sometimes we done mistakes at the time of writing our name into the emirates id application. So, make sure you have written the correct name as per the requirements. This means you say if the system is asking to write your First name then only write the first name after the middle and last name. Some people write their full name into the currently available name text box. Do not do this.


If you’re still facing this objection on your emirates id application. Then do not worry you can use customer support help for removing this objection. You can use the ASK HAMAD Service for this objection Remove. To receive the help of Hamad service please follow these available guidelines.,

  • Visit the ICP Website portal. You can easily open this website portal through a google search engine. Google is world’s best engine for websites where you can search for lots of content with one click. So, type ICP website portal and click on to search button.
  • After that click on the first available website on the Google page. and scroll down the page. Into the Footer selection, you can read the button help. Please click on this button. After that, you will move to the next page where all the channels of contact us are available. please click on any channel for asking help from customer support. However here Hamad service is also available you can also use this service for your Help.

If your still not gathering any help then please contact us through email or any other available sources. We will resolve your problem as soon as possible.