civil id name change Kuwait 2023

How you can civil id name change

How you can do your civil id name change in Kuwait. There are a few steps to complete the process. Which you can easily complete with these guidelines. It’s a common issue These days after the iqama or passport stamp you will get the info that your Arabic name is wrongly printed on your civil id card. So, Here are the Guidelines about the Civil id Name Change.

Steps for Civil id name change in Kuwait 

All the Steps and info which are written in this article are about only changing the name or name correction on civil id cards in Kuwait. Let’s Start the Process and Required details for the Name subscription on the civil id card.

  • First Of All, You have to open this Website portal ( )
  • Now Enter your Login Details and Require info by the Website portal.
  • If you do not register on the Moi website, Then Firstly please register yourself on moi Website.
  • One More Thing which you have to know. If your visa is an 18 Shoun Visa, Then you have to Contact your Company. And the company will submit a Request for this process and only the company can change your name by submitting an application about it to the Moi website.
  • So, If you are on a Dependent visa or family visa which is visa number 22. Then you can easily change your name on your civil id card.
  • After opening the given website portal address. When logging into your Account successfully you will see this type of page on your mobile or laptop screen.



  • Hidden Tittle with Red Color is the sponsor Number and Below you can see the Sponsor Person. This means how many people are under this Sponsor and which type of Category visa is issued to these people.
  • So, Here you can see the Blue Highlighted Tabs with also titles. Change Latin Name tab means to change the English name on a civil id card.
  • Our whole Article is also about it. So, now you have to click on your own civil no tab to change the Latin name.
  • After Clicking on the Change Latin name tab. You will see this type of new web page of Name change civil id.



  • First of All, you can see all the tabs of information required by this website portal. Where you have to Select your Resident Governorate.
  • After it. Now Write the name which you want o to be on your civil id card. You can see your Name format on your passport.
  • Now Write the current mobile number on this website portal and also your own email address.
  • The Require documents are also important to upload on this website portal.
  • First of all upload a front image of your civil id. and After it now uploads on the second tab back image of your civil id.
  • Now take a pic of your passport and upload it also on this website portal.

NOTE: You can only upload the Given format images. You can not upload the PDF file to this website. 

  • Forth Options are just additional means it’s not to be important to upload something. you can leave this option or if you have any other documents. where your name is correct you can upload that document.
  • Now the last step is to click to submit button. When you will click on submit button. A few days later you will get a notification and an email that your request is complete.

Furthermore, If you want to check whether your name is changed or not. you can check this through civil id status. For More details to check civil id status please visit this article