Civil id appointment booking Kuwait 2023

Civil id appointment booking is easy through the online website portal. here in this article, we will explain all the details about it. By reading this article you will easily perform the steps to book an appointment on the Paci website portal. However, you have not worried about anything. Because all the steps are explained with image guidelines. which means you can understand easily all the steps.

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Civil id appointment Booking

Civil id appointment booking is an online service. Which are used for different purposes in Kuwait. Some people take this service for new Civil id card registration and some people take this service for document submission. However, you can take this appointment for any of the personal services which are related to the department. Many people do not know how they can submit a request for a civil id appointment booking through an online website portal. So, today in this article we are going to explain all about it.

Civil id appointment booking Kuwait

It’s an easy step-based process in Kuwait. You have to follow these available steps for online appointment booking in Kuwait.

  • First, you have to Open the Paci website portal. Where you have to submit a request for the Appointment. You can open this website through the direct address, Paci, in a google search. However, you can also visit this page from this website address ( ).
  • After visiting the given webpage. You will see the online website portal of paci gov kw. Where different options and different menus are available. here you have to click on E-Services Options or click on the visit option button. In both options, you can click anyone. Because both options will open the e-services page. Snapshot is also mentioned below here. You can see the image guideline.
  • Here you can see that the options are also mentioned with red arrows. Click any of one options. After clicking on to visit or e-services option. You will see the e-services page. Where you can read different available services’ start buttons. But here you have to choose the “Appointment Booking” option. You can see the snapshot of this step below down here.


  • Now after clicking on the Appointment booking option a new webpage will open. Where the terms and conditions related to these services are available. you can read all the terms and conditions. After that simply click on to start service button. This step snapshot is also available you can see it below down here.
  • After clicking on the Start Service button. A new drop-down two-options menu will be open at the top of the page. Here you have to choose the New appointment Book. However, you can choose the second option at that time when you have already an appointment but want to change it. If you are the first time then choose the first option. After that, a new page will open. Where you have to select available options. you can see this step snapshot also below down here.


  • Here on this page, you can read the different available required boxes by the paci website portal. Into the required tab simply select the reason for appointment booking. Then select the Branch and office where you will go to collect your id card. However, if your going for a lost id card then select that reason in the transaction tab. After filling these all the requirements click on the Next button. If the page requires a civil id number. then you can type any number into that tab. after that click on the Next button.
  • Into the Next Tab. You have to select the timing of your visit to the Office. This means when you will want to visit the office in the Morning or Evening. However, you have also to select the date. Simply select the date and time with Moring and the evening shift.
  • When you will complete all this information then click on the Next button. if you’re facing any errors to next this page. Then change the date and after it clicks on the next button.
  • After clicking on the Next button you will receive a Bar code. What is your Appointment? Simply save it on the Phone.

Done! you have Completed the Appointment booking in the Paci office with the online website Portal.

Requirements for Visiting Paci office on Appointment Booking

Here are the Interactions which you have to follow before visiting the Paci office. These requirements you have to follow these because if you can not follow these requirements then you can not receive your civil id card.

  • Civil id collection timing in the Paci office is 9 AM to 5 PM. You can collect your civil id card during these working hours. Otherwise, if you visit at 6 pm for collecting your civil id card you will not permit to enter the Paci office.
  • Paci Office Delivery 2 Thousand civil id cards per day. However, they transact Five Hundred entries per day. It means only five hundred appointments will be valid in a day.

However other requirements are about safety which you have also followed which is mentioned below down here.

  • First of all, you have to wear a mask. Because without the mask you can not enter the Office.
  • The 2-meter social distance which you have to follow into the office.
  • If you want to photocopy documents then this service is not available in the Paci office. So, Remember No Photocopy service is in the Paci Office.
  • After the selecting time appointment, you have to arrive on time. This means the late arrival appointments will be canceled.

Types of Appointment Paci Kuwait

Most people use the paci appointment service for the collection of civil id cards. However, you can also use this service for different purposes. Here in this area of the article, we are going to explain which types of appointment services you can take.

All the details are mentioned below here you can read them. If you facing any trouble then you can comment with us we will help you to solve your problem.

List of Appointment paci Kuwait

You can read the list which is used for Paci appointments through the online website portal. this list is mentioned below down here.

  • You can change the birth date or submit a request for correction of the birth date. If the date of birth is not available in the file.
  • Cancellation of documents or any registration.
  • You can also make an appointment for issuing a certificate for building or agency property.
  • Newborn baby registration appointment service also you can take.
  • Correction of any file data.
  • A 5-year-old child photo ad service is also available.
  • Replacement of civil id card service you can also take through appointment.

However, you can also take the other civil id related issue appointment. Name correction and Change of address etc.